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About Us

How It All Started

Origin Story: In the winter of 2017, the owner of Boomtown Productions, John Miller, who was an event producer as well as a display firework professional, had a unique idea. He wanted to close a primary bridge in Bremerton, Washington, and have one of the largest bridge fireworks displays in the state. After sharing his thoughts with enough community members, and business owners, and consulting Sunny Saunders at Sunny Jack Events, his idea sparked interest in a local sponsor and the show was born. Partnering with Halo Fireworks, John started creating an event, then realized a fireworks display was not enough. After contracting Sunny Saunders of Sunny Jack Events as the event manager and producer, this festival formed The Bremerton Bridge Blast. Bremerton Bridge Blast is held yearly on the last weekend of June.

2018 Best of Kitsap Best Annual Local Event

The Bremerton Bridge Blast was introduced into the community in the summer of 2017, through John Miller and Sunny Saunders. The event was a huge success and returned in the summer of 2018 and 2019 growing substantially each year respectively. The Bremerton Bridge Blast is becoming the signature event for the City of Bremerton drawing boaters, families, and visitors from all around the state. It is one of a kind on the West Coast and brings over 30,000 guests from all over Washington State and beyond into the Bremerton area.  Sunny Jack Events became the sole producer in 2021 when Boomtown Productions released ownership of the event. "This is one of the best community events that we've had in the city," the mayor said. “It's so inclusive, available to everybody — you just have to find a spot to view the fireworks." -Mayor Wheeler, Mayor, City of Bremerton. We could not put on such a great event without the help of so many volunteers and non-profit organizations that contribute services and with the help of our community sponsors. 

The Evergreen Rotary Park is flooded with up to 10,000 people throughout the evening as the firework show nears.
We also thank John Hanson, president of the Bremerton Historic Ship Association, and USS Turner Joy, who has opened the USS Turner Joy for the VIP Experience. We hope you will build new memories at this year’s Bremerton Bridge Blast!


Many of our vendors and support services are local nonprofits including Boy Scout Troop 1540 (servicing our grounds).

Why do a fireworks show on the Saturday before the Fourth of July?

The simple answer is, there is no such thing as too many fireworks! By falling on the Saturday before the Fourth, the Bremerton Bridge Blast allows folks in our community to get an early start to the holiday in addition to their usual Independence day festivities. 


You Asked, We Answered

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